2 Common Horse Injuries

If you are an avid horse rider and you and your horse do things like a lot of jumping or other sport riding, it's easy for your horse to pick up some injuries. Just like any other athlete, a horse that does a lot of work runs the risk of things like bone bruises, tendon injuries, and foot injuries. So, what are some common injuries that your horse may run into, and what should you do about them?

Bone Bruises

Bone bruises tend to happen when your horse lands when they are jumping or if they are working on hard surfaces like pavement or rock. The bones that are most at risk are the bones in the lower leg and ankle. A bone bruise is less serious than a fracture is, but the bone still has some damage done to it. The best way for your vet to diagnose it is to give your horse an MRI. 

If your horse does have a bone bruise, they are going to need to take a break. While your horse won't be able to stay off their leg completely, it's important to make sure that they aren't running or jumping, as that could exacerbate the problem. Your vet may also prescribe an anti-inflammatory medicine to help keep the swelling down and ice for the first few days of the injury. Your vet may also prescribe special shoes with padding to help keep some of the pressure off that foot. 

Injury to the Suspensory Ligament

This ligament runs from the knee down the back of the cannon bone, and then to the ankle. This ligament helps to take the weight as your horse lands by supporting the ankle and then relaxes when the ankle returns to normal positioning. The most common injury to this ligament is a tear. A tear happens when some of the fibers of the ligament break. A tear can range in severity from a micro-tear, which is just a very few of the fibers and is very hard to catch, to a major tear which can leave your horse lame. If your horse has a micro-tear, repeated stress from jumping and landing can cause it to get worse. 

It's going to take months for your horse to heal. Your vet will create a treatment plan that is custom to your horse and will take in mind their particular injury and what they do. That plan will include things like ice, rest, and a gradual return to exercise. 

Your horse is an athlete. It's easy for any athlete to get injured. Knowing a couple of the most common injuries can make it easier for you to get them treated sooner. Talk to a clinic like Edisto Equine Clinic for more information.