3 Puppy Care Costs You Shouldn't Skimp On

Having a puppy can be very rewarding, but it can also be quite expensive. Puppies need lots of care, and some of it can be expensive. Because of these costs, you might even find yourself skimping on a few things in order to save money. Although it's okay to opt for inexpensive toys and to skip the fancy collars and food bowls -- the basic stuff should be just fine -- there are some things that you shouldn't skip.

1. Training

Your puppy is probably always cute, even when it's misbehaving. However, housetraining issues, scratching at things, nipping and other bad behaviors aren't going to be very cute when your puppy gets older. This is why it's worth your while to hire a professional dog trainer or enroll yourself and your new pet in obedience training classes. You can save money in the long run by ensuring that your dog is a well-trained and non-destructive pet, and you'll find that it's a much better companion as well.

2. Preventative Care

If your puppy seems perfectly healthy, you might not see much reason in taking it to the vet. However, focusing on preventative care -- such as ensuring that your pet has all of its necessary vaccinations and heartworm prevention -- can help you avoid costly vet bills in the future. It's much more inexpensive, for example, to ensure that your dog has the parvo vaccine than it is to treat a sick dog that has parvo. Plus, you could lose your beloved pet to a serious illness if you don't take preventative care seriously.

3. Good-Quality Food

You probably see bargain-brand dog food at your local supermarket all the time, and it might be tempting to grab a bag when you're on a budget. After all, you probably don't eat the most expensive foods every night, right? However, cheap dog food is often packed with fillers, like corn, and often doesn't include all of the protein and other nutrients that a puppy needs to grow up healthy and strong. By investing in a good-quality food -- preferably something that has meat as its first ingredient on the ingredient label and that is targeted for puppies -- you can help prevent health-related issues in the future. If you need help picking out a good puppy food for your pet, ask your veterinarian for advice.

It can be easy to put off expensive puppy care services, but there are a few things that you shouldn't skip. Make sure to splurge on these things to keep your puppy happy, healthy and strong. If your puppy has any health issues, visit a vet like Covington Veterinary Hospital PC.