Three Tips For Keeping Your Pet Healthy And Happy This Summer

As the winter weather fades to spring and summer, your pet may start spending longer periods of time outside. This can expose the animal to a variety of problems and threats that must be effectively managed if you want to keep it safe. This will mean appreciating that there are several options that you should consider to help your pet enjoy being outside while also being as safe as possible.

Have Your Pet Microchipped

It is an unfortunate reality that your pet could be at risk of becoming separated from you while they are outside. When this happens, individuals may assume that there is little hope of recovering their pet, and this is especially true when the animal was not wearing anything that could easily identify it.

While you may assume that a collar with a pet tag on it will be sufficient, it can be easy for these collars to be removed from the pet. Luckily, it is possible to have a microchip implanted just below the pet's skin, and this chip will contain the contact information for the pet's owners along with any critical medical concerns that the pet will need to have met. By having this information in the chip, you may be able to greatly improve the odds that the animal will be returned to you.

Create A Comfortable Area Outside

During the spring and summer, your pet may get extremely hot or otherwise uncomfortable while it is outside. This can make the animal more likely to wander to areas where it should not be. You can minimize the risk of the animal leaving to find more comfortable surroundings by taking the time to create an area in the yard that will have everything the animal needs to stay comfortable on a hot day. This should include ample shade and water. When choosing a location, be particularly mindful of the shade as it can change as the sun moves across the sky.

Avoid Leaving Your Pet Outside During Storms Or Other Harsh Weather

The warmer months can be prone to strong storms that can cause extensive property damage. Unfortunately, these conditions can also put your pet at an extreme risk of injury if it is left outside. For this reason, you should avoid leaving your pet outside when you are not present. Making this mistake could cause your pet to be trapped outside during these storms. In addition to putting the animal at risk of being injured, this mistake could also increase the odds of the animal fleeing in an attempt to find shelter from the strong storm.

For more information, contact a local animal hospital.