Helping Your Pet Cope With Arthritic Pain

If you have an aging dog or cat, you may have noticed they do not walk as quickly as they had in the past. If your veterinarian has indicated that arthritis is the problem, there are several ways you can help your furry friend minimize the amount of pain they are feeling. Here are some ways to help a dog or cat with pain reduction when they suffer from arthritis.

Keep Track Of Food And Exercise

A pet that maintains a healthy weight will be less prone to the pain of arthritis in the limbs, as they will not need to support as many pounds. Take a trip to your veterinarian to start your pet on a monitored, portioned diet so the pet stays within the standard weight guidelines for dogs or cats. This, along with getting exercise, will help to keep your pet's pain level minimal. If you have a dog, take them for a daily walk at their desired pace around town. Dangle a piece of string behind you as you walk through your home to help encourage your cat to do some movement.

Consider A Holistic Approach To Relief

Try bringing your pet to a holistic veterinarian to help with pain reduction. They will be able to provide you with medicinal herb choices that help with pain, in addition to performing actions that are deemed comforting for a pet stressed by pain. Acupuncture or light massage are a couple of the holistic methods these veterinarians use to help with pain. You can also try massage on your own, if desired. Slowly rub your pet in the area they seem to be having pain. If they whimper or get angry, do not continue. If they tolerate your touch, use light circular rubs over the skin in the affected area.

Try Laser Pain Management

Laser pain management is a non-invasive procedure administered to reduce pain. When the laser is directed at a particular area of the body, the blood circulation will increase in this spot. This will help reduce inflammation as a result. Endorphins are also released in the brain during this procedure. This makes your pet feel euphoric or relaxed in addition to experiencing less pain. If your pet has been diagnosed with cancer, this procedure cannot be done safely. The cancerous blood cells would be stimulated from the process.

Add Some Heat

Heat will help minimize pain. Place a blanket in your dryer and heat it for several minutes. Place it near your pet when they are sleeping to encourage them to burrow into the material, enjoying the heat it is emitting. A heating pad wrapped inside a towel can also be used to heat a pet in distress from arthritis pain.

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