Preparing For Your New Kitten

If you are going to be bringing a new kitten home, you want to make sure you prepare for your newest family member. There are some steps you should take right away to know you are giving them everything they need to be healthy and happy. Read the information in this article so you know just what your new kitten will need.

Set up an area in your house

Even if you plan on your kitten being an outside cat, you want to plan on them staying inside until they are big enough and old enough to take care of themselves. Also, you should understand that inside cats do have longer life spans, so you may want to consider that fact before you make a decision on whether or not your cat will be an outdoor one.

Choose the area in your house where you want the cat to eat, drink and rest. This may be the same spot you want the litter box, or it could be separate. Most people like to put the litter box in the bathroom so it is out of the way and so they can easily sweep the excess litter off the bathroom floor without needing to vacuum.

Get a scratching post for your kitten

Kittens have a natural instinct to sharpen their claws by clawing at certain surfaces. If you don't provide then with a scratching post to use, then they will turn to your couch and other furniture, causing scratches and tears in it along the way.  

Indoor kittens won't have as many opportunities to wear their nails down, even with the scratching post. You want to clip your kitten's nails on a regular basis. Not only will this prevent them from getting too long, but it will also get them used to having it done. When clipping their nails, only take the tips off, staying away from the solid coloring in the nail which is known as the quick. Clipping the quick can cause them to bleed. If they do bleed then you want to have styptic powder on hand to stop the bleeding.

Make an appointment with a veterinarian

You should take your kitten in to have it examined after you bring it home. This way, you can rule out illnesses, as well as the presence of worms. You also want to get your kitten started on their vaccinations, so you know you are doing your part from preventing them from becoming ill.