Unique Veterinary Services To Meet Your Pet's Health Needs

Your family pet can suffer from a variety of physical injuries and medical illnesses, just like you and the rest of your family. Veterinary medicine was once a field of general practitioners, each taking care of whatever condition an animal would be in when they came in for an appointment. Now, there are a number of specialty practices offered to meet the needs of families who want the best of care for their pets. Here are a few of the veterinary specialties that you may find in your area to take care of your special family pet.

Eye Services

These veterinarians specialize in eye conditions in a variety of animals. From cats and dogs to birds and lizards, these vets are prepared to deal with eye disease and injuries. They can work with your pet should an accident injure the eye or cause a foreign object to become lodged in the eye. They also handle such eye diseases as cataracts and diabetic retinopathy in your pet.

Arthritis and Rheumatology

You cat or dog can develop one of these painful joint diseases. Walking and jumping up into your lap can become a painful and difficult activity for them. This veterinary specialty deals with these joint disorders and can help your pet through diet changes, supplements, vitamins, pain and anti-inflammatory medication and surgery.

Sports Medicine

Some facilities offer treatment for the dog that is physically active with their athletically-inclined owner. If you run regularly with your dog or play catch with them in the park, these veterinarians will help your dog meet the physical challenges through diet and physical therapy. When your dog is recovering from an injury, these clinics offer rehabilitation services to prepare your dog to get back out onto the running path with you.

Diagnostic Services

Some veterinarian clinics offer pet radiology as a way to diagnose difficult medical conditions in your pet. CAT scans, MRIs and dye-contrast X-rays are available to detect muscle and bone issues, gastrointestinal issues, arthritis, and heart and kidney conditions. These diagnostic centers give your general vet more information with which to treat your pet.

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Oncology Services

Special clinics are available to perform radiation therapy on your pet's cancerous tumors. These facilities have staff trained in the use of radiation for such things as tumors in the thyroid and pancreas. Radiation treatment in one of these clinics can be a cure for your pet with cancer.

Dental Services

A cat's or dog's teeth is similar to yours and subject to the same risk of decay. Gum disease and other tissue disease in the mouth can occur in your pet. The pet dentist is trained in the use of current diagnostic, anesthetic, and treatment techniques to deal with all of your pet's dental issues.