Naming Your New Cat

If you are going to be bringing home a new cat then you have a lot of preparations to make. You want to be sure you have a litter box, litter, food bowls, food, a veterinarian, a bed, toys and even a name. Coming up with the right name for your new cat can be one of the most enjoyable parts of getting them, aside from the cat itself. Although exciting, picking the right name can also be difficult. This article will provide you with tips and advice to help you choose just the right name for your new cat.

Consider holding off on naming your new cat

A lot of people start thinking of names for their new pet as soon as they know they are going to be getting one. In many cases, they don't even know what the new cat looks like and they already have a short list of names selected. If you do this, you may find that none of the names you took time to come up with fit the cat you get.

Don't settle on a name until you learn its personality

Wait until you bring the cat home so you know what it looks like. You should also give it a few days to get used to your house and family, so it will start acting like itself. You may find that a name pops right out at you once you learn the cat's personality. For example, it may be feisty and names like "Spunky" or "Spitfire" will fit it. You wouldn't want to name a lazy cat Spunky, when a name like "Lazy Bones" or "Napper" would be more fitting.

Consider the cat's looks

In some cases, the cat can have such a unique look about it that it seems fitting to name it after those looks. A cat may look like Sylvester from the cartoons and you can choose to give your cat that same name. Or, the cat may have bright blue eyes, leading to the name "Sinatra". Maybe it looks like a big ball of fluffy hair and you will decide to name it "Fluffy".

You may want to go with a versatile name

If you choose a long name for your cat, such as "Mr. Snickerdoodles", then you want to have a nickname in mind, such as "Mister" or "Snicker". Otherwise, you will find you don't enjoy that long name as much when you have to say it every time you are calling the cat. Also, such a long name will be harder for the cat to learn, since it sounds more like you are saying a sentence then calling them over to you.

No matter what you call your cat, you also want to keep in mind that taking them in for a new pet exam is even more important than choosing the right name for them. This way, you know they are healthy, and if they aren't then you can get them started on treatment. You also want to get them started on their vaccinations. It's important to remember to follow through with their booster vaccinations as well. This way, they will be fully vaccinated against illnesses that can make them very sick. To learn more, contact a company like Marcum Road Animal Hospital.