4 Natural Ways To Treat Your Dog's Achy Joints

As your dog ages, there is a high chance that your dog will begin to experience achy joints and may even develop osteoarthritis. This can cause your dog to experience pain and stiffness and can slow down your dog's movement. If your dog is getting up there in both dog and human years, here are three natural ways you can help ease your dog's pain. 

Assist Your Dog With Vitamins

The first thing you need to do is pay attention to what you are feeding your dog. By changing the vitamins that you are feeding your dog, you can help relieve their symptoms. If your dog is just beginning to experience arthritis symptoms, you can give your dog some Vitamin E as well as Vitamin C. 

Give Your Dog's Natural Anti-Inflammatory 

However, if your dog's symptoms are more advanced, you may need to provide your dog with something different. 

Sodium oxide dismutase, which is more commonly known as SOD, works well for dogs with more advanced cases of arthritis. It is an antioxidant which also has anti-inflammatory properties as well. 

You can also try out the herbs Ashwaganda as well as Boswellia. These are both herbs that have anti-inflammatory benefits. They can help reduce your dog's inflamed tissues as well as increase blood supply to these areas. 

Get Your Dog Some Acupuncture Treatment

You can also help relieve your dog's arthritis through more direct methods, such as acupuncture. Acupuncture is derived from Chinese practices and has recently become a more popular way to treat issues in animals as well as people. 

Acupuncture for dogs is very similar to acupuncture for humans. Very small needles are placed in strategic points on your dog's body in order to help relieve pain and also to stimulate and activate your dog's natural healing properties. 

It is a very non-invasive way to treat your dog's achy joints. It can also be used together with other non-invasive treatment such as laser heat therapy to help give your dog some relief. 

Engage In Physical Therapy

Finally, you can work with a canine physical therapist to help your dog regain any function and mobility they have lost due to their aching joints. Your dog's physical therapist will help you learn how to do strengthening and stretching exercises with your dog that will assist their joints. Your dog may also be given gentle massages during their physical therapy to help ease their pain and stimulate healing. 

Your dog's physical therapist may also suggest specific changes to your dog's environment, such as a more supportive bed, that will assist your dog with healing. 

If your dog is experiencing achy joints or has been diagnosed with arthritis, consult with your veterinarian about natural methods to ease your dog's pain and promote healing.