Helping Your Pet Cope With Arthritic Pain

If you have an aging dog or cat, you may have noticed they do not walk as quickly as they had in the past. If your veterinarian has indicated that arthritis is the problem, there are several ways you can help your furry friend minimize the amount of pain they are feeling. Here are some ways to help a dog or cat with pain reduction when they suffer from arthritis. Keep Track Of Food And Exercise

Cheers! Encourage Your Cat's Drinking Habit

The feline species originated thousands of years ago in the arid region of the Middle East, which may explain why today's domestic cats are not enthusiastic water drinkers. Unfortunately, our feline friends are prone to some urinary system health problems that could be minimized if only they imbibed more water. By focusing on ways to incorporate more water into your cat's daily diet, you will improve your cat's hydration, and you may even extend her lifespan.

What To Do If Your Dog Gets Glass In Its Mouth

It's common for dogs to get things in their mouths that they shouldn't, but one of the most dangerous things they can bite down on is glass. Glass in your home, whether it's in bottles, panes of glass, or something in your home has shattered, sending glass everywhere, these hazards can all put your dog's health at risk. If you think your dog has gotten glass in its mouth, or you just want to be prepared in case it ever happens, check out this guide.

3 Things to Know Before Adding a Shih-Tzu to Your Family

There is a good reason that dogs are called man's best friend -- they are loving, loyal, and typically love their human family more than anything. When it comes to loving and loyal dogs, there are few breeds that can match the shih-tzu. This is a small breed of dog that has a big personality, does not need extensive outdoor exercise each day, and can live comfortably in homes of all sizes, from small apartments to large houses.

How To Make Your Vet Visits More Affordable And Convenient

Have you recently purchased a dog? If so, you may want to avoid waiting to find a veterinarian so you can find one before an emergency comes up. When looking for a vet hospital, there are likely a few major concerns you may have, such as convenience, and of course, pricing. To ensure you have the most convenient and cheapest service for your dog, there are a few things to consider, such as the following: